FotoFix - simple image viewer


FotoFix is a simple image viewer with simple capabilities to take care of freshly downloaded photos from your camera - can walk image lists, rotate images, and remove red eyes (with some luck). It was inspired by IrfanView for Windows, a great but unfortunately non-portable and closed-source product. My experience with various image viewers came to a point where I was no longer satisfied with any, so I wrote yet another one.


FotoFix requres perl, Prima, and IPA as dependencies. Whereas the first can be obtained by typing "download perl" in Google, the latter are available from CPAN.


Remove red eyes

To remove red eyes, select a rectangular area by mouse and do "Edit/Effects/Remove red eyes". This will hopefully eliminate red spots in the given rectangle. If there are false positives, try to reload the image and apply the operation to a smaller area. The algorithm for reducing red eye glow is very simple, so if you have some bad red eyes, not detectable by it, feel free to hack it.

Show pixel value under cursor

Press shift and move the mouse around the picture

Magnifying glass

Press middle button. To change zoom, rotate the mouse wheel. The mouse pointer gets hidden, but press shift and move the pointer to show it back. If the middle button is pressed together with Ctrl, then the magnifying glass is double size.


When executing a command for each tagged image, the following substitution rules apply. If $_ is found the command, the command is iterated for each tagged file and $_ is substituted to the filename. If $* is found, then a single command is executed, where $* is substitled to a list of all tagged files. Both $* and $_ cannot be specified simultaneously. If neither is specified, $* is assumed to be appended to the end of the command.

External commands

Specify an external command that will be executed on Alt+num shortcut on the currently opened file. The syntax allows $_ wildcard globbing to specify exactly where the file name will appear. Set empty string to delete the command shortcut.


Apply a substitutive perl regular expression to each file, where each filename will be stored in $_, and file index in $..


The viewer is very, very simple. If you find a bug, or miss a feature, you are very welcome to hack it as you like, and eventually send me a patch.


This software is distributed under BSD license


Dmitry Karasik, <>.